CenSeuss 2000


cathat.gif (7937 bytes) Person One or Person Two? Person Red or Person Blue? eventsart.gif (4961 bytes)

Do you live all by yourself? Do you live with someone else?

Do you own the place where this was sent? Or just a poor slob paying rent?

How old are you on April 1st? Just when is your date of birth?

Are you a boy or girl right now? Would your doctor write that down?

Are you Vietnamese or Korean? Chinese? Cuban? Puerto Rican?

Japanese or Filipino? Two-thirds white or half Latino?

Samoan aunt? Hawaiian dad? An uncle who's from Trinidad?

African or black? Which is it? Indo-Euro Asian midget? whotrain.gif (8633 bytes)

Answer all and send it out, so we can get a proper count.

Results arrive 2010 - the date we do it all again!